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Are you ready to start your "Career as an Interpreter?"

Are you Bilingual and looking into becoming a "Professional Interpreter?"

  • I provide the following materials and Training Guides to help you improve or help you become a "Professional Interpreter".  

  • In addition to the products and resource materials, I also provide on-site and webinar trainings and basic assessments and testing.  

  • These basic assessments and testing will help evaluate the language skills of a "potential bilingual candidate".  

As previously mentioned, "Just because you speak 2 or more languages, it doesn't make you a "Professional Interpreter".  It takes more than just knowing 2 or more languages to become a "Professional Interpreter".  


That is why I developed this training material; 

  • Training Guides 

  • Glossaries

  • "The Business Guide for Interpreters (TM)" to help you improve your skills as an Interpreter, or it will help you become an "Interpreter".


My individual training guides provide the following, or you can purchase the

"The Business Guide for Interpreters (TM), that contains all of the items below:

  • Interpreter Role

  • Interpreter Code of Ethics

  • Legal, Medical, Educational and General Interpreting Concepts

  • Interpreter's "Role and Responsibilities" (before, during and after the assignment)

  • Independent Study Resources and Materials

  • Glossary Terms and more...

Well here's this wonderful "eGuide" designed especially for those who are seeking to become an Interpreter, but don't know what it takes.  This eGuide will provide you with overall information about what skills, qualifications, training you will need in order to become a "Professional Interpreter".


Want to get your "Interpreting Career" started?  

Order "The Business Guide for Interpreters (TM)"


This guide will provide you with all the "Tools, Resources and Materials", you need to get your career started, or to manage your Career as a "Professional Interpreter"


The training Guides, Glossary or eGuide can be purchased separately. 

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