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Whether you need my service for an an international conference, business meeting or with your overseas partners, or a visit from a foreign delegation, I can help you communicate in English<>Spanish.


Even with today's technology - communicating using smart phones, VOIP, chats, etc just isn't enough when it comes to communicating effectively with another person.  Despite all this technology at our fingertips, nothing compares to Face-to-Face communication.  


Consecutive Interpreting - The interpreter waits until the statement is completed before they deliver the message in another language.  This method of interpretation is most popular for use in the hospitals, clinics, meetings, negotiations, and general business venues.


Simultaneous Interpreting - The interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker.  This method of interpretation is more appropriate and used for court, conferences, depositions, and seminars.


Services are provided to global corporations, professional associations, hospitals, law firms, non-profits, insurance, investigations, and more.




When you utilize my services you will receive excellent and professional service at all times, but more importantly you WILL NOT have any miscommunication or cultural gaps.


My face-to-face language services will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind - I will provide personalized and ongoing service (from start to finish) giving you and your client peace of mind knowing that they will be understood each and every-time, but more importantly they will not have (various interpreters) handling their case.

  • Personalized Service - I personally coordinate, schedule and confirm all appointments with you and your LEP clients.

  • Professionalism - I have over 15+ years of experience and I will provide you and your clients with the same level of care and professionalism that I would want for me.

  • Experienced and Knowledge - With my knowledge and experience I will help you over cultural nuances, obstacles and will help you "Break the Language barrier in communication.


My approach when handling any service requests:

  • Immediate Reply: you will receive an immediate response - Try it!

  • Prompt and Excellent Customer Service: from start to finish, you will receive personalized service - No middlemen!

  • Free Estimates, Quotes and Competitive Rates: you will NOT BE charged the additional fees the agencies charge.  You will receive quality and professional service 24/7!


Professional, Reliable, Affordable, Fast Response!



* Legal

* Depositions

* Trials

* Conferences

* Recorded Statements

* Immigration

* Trainings

* Education

* Client Attorney Meetings

* Evaluations

* Business Meetings

* General Events

* Seminars

* Workshops and more...

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