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Interpreters Skills Assessment



Elite Services 4 You Skills Assessment provides an evaluation of your potential candidate's ability to interpret in general, legal, clinical and educational encounters.  I evaluate the candidate's knowledge of vocabulary, terminology and their ability to convert messages accurately and completely from English<>Spanish.  Interpreting Skills Assessment are available by phone or via webinar for English<>Spanish.



Interpreters Skills Competencies

Elite Services 4 You will assess your "potential candidate", staff, employee, in-house interpreter on the following:


  • Language proficiency English<>Spanish

  • Proper use of interpretation terms, protocols and best practices

  • Delivery of accurate and complete interpretation

  • Ability to interpret the specific terms used with your specific business/company

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"We've used Mrs. Valencia to assess our employees and potential candidates for over 5 years.  These assessments are great because they help us determine our "potential candidates" in both English<>Spanish terminology.  Mrs. Valencia has made our decisions much easier and we feel more confident when hiring a "potential interpreter."

Quality Services, Elenita

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